The Second Most Prolific Striker On Record

Yes, people sometimes call Eduardo da Silva, Dudu. This Brazilian-born Croatian footballer plays for Ukrainian club named Shakthar Donetsk. Similar to Modric, he has the capability for playing for any position. He started as striker, but he is developed mostly as the second striker or as the winger. Though he began his career by joining his hometown club in Brazil, now he can prove that he has the chance for better career internationally. He made his international debut for the Croatian senior team. He joined this club after following the selection. He was selected by the coach of national team, Slaven Bilic. The selection was done to prepare his club for the UEFA Euro 2012 tournament. Niko Kovac chose Eduardo for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

With 29 goals scored for Croatia, he stood behind the Davor Suker. However, Davor had more goals. That is why Eduardo just stood as the secon most prolific striker. In 2007, he signed contract with Arsenal for a fee of £7.5 million. He made his Premier League debut on 19th August 200 in Arsenal. Ten days later, he netted his first competitive goal. His goal was for the Gunners against Sparta Prague in the Championship League qualifier. Fortunately, Arsenal won 3-0.

The shocking news came from this professional player. On February 3, 2008, he suffered from a broken left fibula and an open the dislocation of his left ankle. A year later, he returned back to the football world (after suffering from the injury). He started against Cardiff City in the FA Cup in 2009. In the 21st minute, he scored the goal.

After playing for Arsenal, Eduardo signed for Shakhtar Donetsk on a four-year contract for an undisclosed fee. For the international career, he played for under-21 and early senior level team in 2002. Even though he stays behind the Davor Suker, now he becomes one of the great football stars in the world.

What Does Modric Do For Real Madrid?

Playing in the competition with the totality is a must-do by all footballers. If you are not familiar to Luka Modric because you do not like to watch the soccer championship at all, will you read this article until the last word? As the top star, he always shows has ability in scoring the goals. That is why he is able to keep his popularity. A Croatian footballer who plays for Real Madrid (Spanish club) has the good record in scoring the goal. In the club, he plays mainly as a central midfielder. On some situations, he can also plays as an attacking and the defensive midfielder. I think this fact shows that he has no limited skill as the player, right?

Believe it or not, Luka is Real Madrid's most important player in midfield. He always maintains a low-profile and keeps his focus in playing most games. If you want to know what he does for his club named Real Madrid, here you will find out it. There is no another midfielder in the world like Modric. He has the vision and passing touch of Prilo. He can use his direct running perfectly though he is not as perfect as Yaya Toure. Not all people know what he always gives for his club. To launch the quick attack, he uses his greatest strengths as his way.

Due to he has the qualities, he can keep the ball under control. It leads this guy to use his body to hold off the man who is behind him. When getting the ball in the right position; there is no doubt for him to weight the ball correctly then placing it an area where the striker can pick it up the ball. He is able to run directly at the defense after picking the ball.

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